Be: Kind. – Video Installation for Kalbe 2017

‚BE KIND‘ is a site specific installation piece which I designed for the Artist in Residency Program ‚Künstlerstadt Kalbe‘. The principle is easy and repeatable in different cities and situations.

Vienau is a small village in Sachsen-Anhalt/Germany. I went there, talked with the residents, visited their spaces (public and private) and filmed a video sequence in the inner of their building which then was projected at the window of the same building later in the evening between 6 and 7pm. People could pass by the window and see the inner sequence enlarged at the outside of the space.

Aim of the piece is to display the residents familiar spaces from another angle.

The title BE KIND carries the concept of the piece itself. It says how close a village community is, that it is very difficult to keep yourself private and that you are willing to share your privacy with the village community.

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