Rimma Elbert
Set and Costumedesignstudent
Currently living in Dresden/Germany
Born: 05.11.1990 in Ukraine/Lugansk


  • Education
    10/2014 Set and Costumedesign at the University of Fine Arts (Dresden)
    09/2013-06/2014 Exchange Year at the University of Sussex (Brighton)
    2010-2014 German Philology at the University of Vienna
    2003-2010 Osterbek Gymnasium (Hamburg)
    2001-2003 Dietrich Bonhoeffer Gymnasium (Eppelheim)
    1997-2001 Eduard-Orth Elementary School (Germersheim)
  • Set & Costumedesign
    06/2017 19. Internationale Schillertage scholarship
    09/2016 Working as costume dresser @Semperoper Dresden
    05/2015 Costume and Set Design Assistant for the piece Replacement Place at Patricia Noworol Dance Theatre (New York Live Arts Center)
    04/2015 Costume Design Assistant for the play Kristina at The August Strindberg Company (Gene Frankel Theatre New York)
    2014 Set Designer at the Black Fish Project, a Ph.D Project by Aysenur Karabulut with Kids from the Bilingual School in Brighton
  • Applied Theatre
    09/2015 Theatreproject for elementary school kids at 117 Grundschule Ludwig Reichenbach in Dresden
    2008 Keto-Enol-Tautomerie a performance which won the UNART Performacnecompetition and was staged in Hamburg (Thalia in der Gausstraße), Berlin (Maxim-Gorki-Theater) and Frankfurt am Main (Schauspiel Frankfurt)
    2007-2010 Drama Teacher at Osterbek Gymnasium (Hamburg)
    2007-2008 Light and Sound at the Theater in der Washingtonallee
  • Internships
    08/2016-09/2016 Set Design Intern @Konzerttheater Bern
    04/2015 Costume Design Intern at the Filmproduction „The Drowning“, directed by Bette Gordon (New York)
    02/2014-05/2015 CHANCE Magazine New York
    03/2014-09/2014 Fabrica Gallery Brighton
    02/2013-04/2013 Jewish Museum Vienna
  • Filmography
    03/2017 Granted by Künstlerstadt Kalbe, Film: „Be Kind“
    2012 Im Dialog… a shortfilm which was fundet by Cash for Culture and has been shown in the Schikaneder Cinema in Vienna
    2009 L.S.D. Lesbian Speed Dating a Shortfil which won the Goldene Wandse Shortfilmcompetition and was shown at the Cinemaxx Wandsbek Cinema (Hamburg)
  • Exhibitions
    10/2015 Group Exhibition Lenin. Rethinking the Image. at FilmFestival Cottbus
    09/2015 Group Exhibition Art Van Demon at Delphi Filmtheatre Berlin
    08/2014 Curator of 344 Queen’s Park Road House Exhibition (Brighton)